The Reaper-1

(Shrichi bhadhani) #1

prefer from these two opt ions (i) Lord Alistair, (ii) Blade.”
Shadow “I choose N!” Corvine “ok th
en Q2: have you ever
loved a guy?” Shadow “no!” Corvine “have a guy loved you?”
Shadow “yes!” Corvine “tell us
the whole story!” Shadow “not
right now! Hey, are you guys tired too?” Simon “yes I am!”
Corvine “me too! But it
' s too hot to sleep inside!” Simon “yes!”
Shadow “why not sleep outside?” Simon “that is a good idea!”
Corvine “yes!” Shadow “let me get some blankets!” Simon
Corvine “yes!” when Shadow got there she did as she planne
d to
do with the blankets afterward Blade “well this is new! Why are
these three sleeping outside?” Alistair “why is Simon is with
them?” Yuki “I think they were drunk too much!” Paris “idiots!
Let’s take them inside!” Alistair, Blade, Silver
, and Yuki “ok!”
after that they went into a deep sleep. Three of them woke up
with a headache and a little hangover but the smell of delicious
breakfast reached their noses they went towards the kitchen
Alistair “ good thing you three are awake now go and get freshen
up you need to eat breakfast to get out from the hangover.”
Simon, Corvine, and “ok...!” after freshening up they ate their
breakfast the n a messenger came with a message it said “to
Alistair, Blade, and Silver if you three love your wolves then
come to me without telling anyone about this I have your
precious wolves and ravens eventually Shadow found out about
it but didn’t stop them because of the warning she got a feeling
that those hunters who tried to kill Silver are behind this so she
was pretty sure that they will be fine.

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