The Reaper-1

(Shrichi bhadhani) #1

Chapter 17 A SURPRISE

Shadow didn’t know they were planning something else
and that this time it’s something dangerous. When those three
were leaving Shadow “
please be careful, okay?! Silver, Alistair
and Blade “ok!” When three of them got there a trap and they
fell for it now they can’t go back than the person who send
s that
message to them appeared and said “three of you are going to die
here and back at your home your friends will die as well and
your wolves and ravens can’t harm us at all cause we are not
humans we are modified human. We are on a superior level
than you, be ready to face your doom!” Blade “I should’ve told
Shadow so she would’
ve been ready now everyone will die, its
all my fault!” Silver “it’s not your fault!” Shadow had the
power to contact anyone through their minds she connected
them Shadow “this is ENOUGH!” Silver “how come you can
talk to us?” Alistair “same question!” Blade “same here!”
Shadow “I will explain later for now please t
ell me if you three
are alright?” Silver, Alistair , and Blade “we are fine!” Shadow
“good! And don’t worry about anything I will take care of this!”

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