The Reaper-1

(Shrichi bhadhani) #1

Blade “Shadow! These people are not normal the y are on a
whole another level than they said that they are modified,
humans. Do you know what are those?” Shadow “I know about
them very well and that is bad news!” Silver “how?” Shadow
“need to go can’t explain anything right now!” Silver “why did

she sa id that they are bad news?” Both Alistair and Blade shake
their heads Shadow “Corvine listen please take everyone and
leave towards the hill they wouldn’t expect us to go towards the
hills. Go now!” Corvine “but what about you?” Shadow “I will

be fine! And this is an order go towards the hills!” Corvine
“ok!” Shadow “it’s been a while since I last saw modified
humans well let’s see what I can do about this! I think I will

wear that necklace bro gave me if I ever need to use too much
power these healing powers were meant to heal but I guess I will
be killing people through this, here they come! The branches of
the tall trees I allow you to move and give you the right to kill
these all people!” The trees moved and killed a lot of hunters but
the leaders didn’t
show up than all of a sudden out of the blue a
guy showed up and said “you are fast! So th en the rumors are
right the n you don’t deserve to live shadow!” Shadow “what do
you want from these people?” Stranger “these people aren’t
humans right?” Shadow “yes they are not!” Stranger “we are

also not humans either! These people get to live a normal life
separate from humans and on the other hand, we modified
humans are considered as a threat to humans even when they
are the ones who made us than we are killed by the assassins

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