The Reaper-1

(Shrichi bhadhani) #1

why, why does it have to be this unfair?” Shadow “I know what
you are talking but please try to think it through calmly the
organization that turns humans into modified humans is
something I am after if I reach that organization so I might be
able to help you!” Stranger “but how are you planning on
helping us after this?” Shadow “don’t worry I got things that
are secrets now let’s stop this!” Stranger “I am M – 24!”
Shadow “I don’t think there is a need for my introduction you

already know w ho I am.” M – 24 yes! Hey Shadow! Can I hug
you?” Shadow “that was unexpected but why tho?” M – 24 “I
am just too happy!” Shadow “okay th
e n!” when he hugged
Shadow he had an extra knife and he stabbed her M – 24 “you
let your guard down too easily! Now die!” Shadow “ugh! I
won’t die this easily! The roots of the trees listen my orders

capture this person who just stabbed me! Kindly heal my
wounds!” her wounds healed but she lost a little too much blood
she started feeling dizzy.

Will be continued in the next chapter.
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