The Reaper-1

(Shrichi bhadhani) #1

Chapter 18 A LIGHT OF HOPE

Shadow collapsed Corvine did just as she was told to do
and cause the enemy thought that Shadow’ s friends went
towards the nearest city but they went Shadow got an upper
hand but afterward she collapsed the roots didn’t hold back that
guy. He thought it would be good to kill Shadow but the
necklace her brother gave her was kind of a charm to keep her
from harm and there was something inside the necklace that can
protect her the necklace did its work of protecting her. When she
woke up she saw no one there only just a few dead bodies and
blood covering almost the whole area Shadow “w - where did that
guy went? Have I knocked out the cause of the high bleeding?
But still, that guy stabbed me! If the things he said weren’t true
the n what?” Stranger “it seems like you are way too stubborn!”
Shadow “oh so there you were hiding! Now pay for what you

did to my friends!” Stranger “oh but they aren’t dead yet !”
Shadow “what do you mean by that? Are you planning on
killing my friends?” Stranger “
it's not like I have a choice!
People like you should stay away from these things so you won’t

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