The Reaper-1

(Shrichi bhadhani) #1

sister !” Silver “guys don’t argue about this you can if you have
a death wish!” Alistair “got it!” Yuki “I understand what you
are saying!” Blade “me too!” Shadow “keep your mouth shut
for a minute!” 5 of the
m zipped their mouths after that Zero
“what should we do about their injures? They are deep!”
Shadow “let me take a look! Wow
, they are my healing powers
are enough to heal them!” Zero “you sure using that is a good
thing?” Shadow “yes after this all of th
em will be going to the
hospital for an X- ray so don’t worry!” Zero “ok!” Shadow
healed them pretty fast but she started panting afterward Zero
“you okay?” Shadow “yes! At least I have enough energy to kill
your leader.” Zero “that is not okay at all!” Silver “I agree with
him! You are not okay at all!” Shadow “I am totally
fine! Let’s
get moving alr eady!” All of them “okay!” Zero “we are there!”
Stranger “M –
24! What are doing with the enemy and why are
prisoners here instead of being in the prison ?” Zero “I am no
longer a part of that organization, Sol!” Sol “is that so th en be
ready to see your sister’s dead face!” Shadow “that won’t
happen, I will not let that happen!” Silver “yes!” Blade “your
time has come to an end!” Yuki “you all have full right
to kill
this person!” Silver “I will go after that guy with a knife!” Zero
“I will go after Sol!” Blade “Alistair help me get rid of that
guy!” Alistair “ok sir!” Paris “I will go with that sniper!” Yuki
“I will take care of that guy who looks weak!” Zero “ugh!”
Shadow “Zero!” When she turned towards
Zero she saw Sol
trying to break Zero’s bones she jumped into the fight and took

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