The Reaper-1

(Shrichi bhadhani) #1

Chapter 19 DEAD OR ALIVE

But the knife didn’t go through she used her one needle
to stop the attack and the other one to attack Sol but he dodged it
so she tried to grab his throat but he grabbed her hand and tried
to break her bones but her bones were stronger than other girls
around her age Sol “what did your parents fed you ?” Shadow
“you dared to call me that and my parents just fed me normal
food like other human child ate, idiot!” Sol “oh you have done it!
I will break your bones like they are nothing!” Shadow “is that

so! The n take this!” She gave him a kick on his face a very good
one Sol “damn you! Why don’t you stay still?! Shadow “why

s hould I stay still?” She almost stabbed Sol but he only got a
scratch on his right arm and Shadow got a cut on her face so she
tried to finish the fight faster but she wasn’t able to than she
remembered she had a bottle of poison gas with her so she
searched for it and found it she used it and Sol collapsed Shadow
was sure that he was still alive but she couldn’t bring herself to
kill one more person she started to walk away from him Sol
“where do you think you’re going?” Shadow “you still have the

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