The Reaper-1

(Shrichi bhadhani) #1

energy t o stand up and talk.” Sol “are you showing me pity,
huh?! ” Shadow “no not at all!” Sol “th e n, why didn’t you kill
me?!” Shadow “well I do have my reasons for not to kill you.”
Sol “I see, you are like others!” Shadow “what do you mean by
‘others’?” Sol “I
meant the people who always look down on
me!” Shadow “I don’t look down on you.” Sol “th e n, why can’t
you kill me? Almost all my friends are dead, I don’t have
reasons to live, anyway!” Shadow “then, why didn’t you said
something sooner?!” Zero “Shadow! Don’t let your guard
down!” Shadow “don’t worry!” Sol “it
's better to kill your
enemy before you come to regret it! I follow those rules, I think
you don’t follow them.” Shadow “what do you mean --- ugh!
Damn you, sol!” Zero “he is using those tablets against a
normal human being! Has he gone crazy?!” Alistair “Shadow!
Should I go help her?” Yuki “it
's better not to, but if you have a
death wish the n go on.” Alistair “why is that?” Yuki “it 's her
right now! She does n’t want us to get involves and get hurt!”
Alistair “god! She worries too much!” Yuki “true!” Sol stabbed
Shadow and now she can’t use her powers, she need
s to heal the
cut faster but she couldn’t do so if she uses too much of her
powers the necklace her brother gave her will break itself and the
demon within it will die and it will explode than she and her
friends will die she was aware of that so she took the necklace off
and threw it on the corner while sending a message to the
demon it said “it 's me Shadow and now I am your new master!
I ne ed your help but if you don’t want to serve a human so I

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