The Reaper-1

(Shrichi bhadhani) #1



The gun didn’t hit Shadow cause the demon inside the
necklace came out and protected her from it Shadow “thank you!
What’s your name?” Demon “I don’t have a name!” Shadow
“what?! But why?” Demon “cause I am a demon! Demons
don’t have names even the demon lord doesn’t have one!”
Shadow “I will name you after all this over!” Demon “but it
against the rules!” Shadow “who give s a shit about those rules!
You are an inhuman realm, we don’t follow those rules!”
Demon “it
's fine I guess! ” Shadow “good now let’s kick this
guy’s ass!” Demon “yeah!” they started to work
as a team like
they have worked together before too Zero “wow they sure are
kicking Sol’s ass!” Yuki “humph! It seems she got a lot of
friends!” Zero “are you upset cause it
's no t you in his place?”
Yuki “it
' s not that! We are standing here and she doesn’t ask for
help to us and she is letting a stranger help her.” Zero “you are
right!” Shadow thought “it would be good to tell the boys to get

rid of Sol while both of us keep him b usy.” She thought of using

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