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High Density Ceramic Knives

< Quality >

FOREVER ceramic knives are made in Japan from high purity zirconium

oxide powder. The powder is pressed in a blade shaped mold then

sintered (fired) at high temperature to produce extremely hard and high
density. The factory has been manufactured ceramic knives since the


These ceramic knives are harder than other ceramic knives and it is the

hardness that enables it to stay sharp over a longer period than any other
ceramic knife. Independent test results (see below) show that a FOREVER

ceramic knife can cut 56m of test paper before becoming blunt, several
times superior to our competitors.

< Color Ceramic Knives>
Series of color ceramic knives come in 5 colors: pink, yellow , green,
Francoise, and Primavera. Only we have the technology to produce such
original ceramic knives. Add color to your kitchen with our color series.

The color is not a coating nor is it painted on to the blade so it will never
fade over the lifetime of the knife.
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