Super Chevy – October 2019

(Barré) #1
Coast performance guru, knew that the factory was
planning to make a big-block available in the car, and
he offered McFarland a “fresh” 396. Knowing that
the upcoming 1967 Winternationals would have a
new Super Stock class, and seeing an opportunity
“to provide the Camaro with even more exposure,”
McFarland accepted Thomas’ offer. “So our daily
driver was the first recipient of the fat-block engine.”
McFarland took the repowered Camaro to Lions
on a Saturday afternoon and made an easy first pass.
“On the second run, top of Third gear at about
6,200 rpm, a rod bolt parted company and
suddenly we were sideways covering both lanes with
six quarts of oil soup.” Back at Thomas’ shop, “we
surveyed the damage—broken crank, camshaft in
two pieces, both heads cracked, seven broken
valvesprings, eight pistons...and seven connecting
rods. Two weeks later, in a carefully wrapped and
hand-addressed box, came rod number eight from
Lions manager C.J. Hart. A grass mower had spit
it out about 50 feet from the track.”
It turned out that “fresh” 396 had done more than
500 miles at Riverside for NASCAR tire testing.
A second big-block was installed by Thomas, and
McFarland went to Irwindale for some shakedown
runs, where they shared the track with stock


  • CARB compliant kits available

  • No tuning required

  • Serviceable lifetime high-flow
    8 layer cotton gauze filter

  • No mods for easy installation

  • High quality components with
    custom look

    • Compatible with draw through
      supercharged applications (internal MAP sensor)

    • Self-tuning ECU (no laptop required!) means you don’t have to be a
      computer/tuning wiz to have EFI!

    • Integrated ignition timing control

    • Built in single stage progressive nitrous control

    • Programmable target air fuel ratios & ignition timing per boost level

    • USB to CAN Communication cable included for easy laptop tuning

    • Three programmable 0-5V Sensor inputs for oil/fuel/dome or
      nitrous pressure sensors

    • Single throttle body mounted ECU – no extra boxes to mount

    • Only 4 wiring connections required! (battery +, battery - ,
      switched ignition & RPM)

    • Fits on intake manifolds with flange spacing as tight as 6.4375”
      center to center (most Edelbrock manifolds)

    • Requires an external fuel pressure regulator: P/N 12-848 up to 800 HP,
      12-851 for 1000+ HP

  • Available for LS1/2/6, LS7,
    & LT1 applications!

  • Designed using Computational
    Fluid Dynamic Modeling to
    create optimal plenum volume
    and efficient air flow paths

  • Two-piece manifold design
    provides access to runners
    for porting

  • Polymer material resists
    heat soak, minimizes weight

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