Daily Opens 30 000 daily opens 55 000 daily opens 100 000 daily opens 500 000 daily opens
Uploads / Month 100 2000 8000 Unlimited
Storage 100G 500G Unlimited Unlimited
Amount of offline books ( Offline Version ) 0 5 / month Unlimited Unlimited
Multi-User Account 1 1 3 10
Premium editor
Custom Domain Name
Add Video or Audio
Ads Free
Disable Issuhub users download
Password Protection
Online Book Private
Custom Logo/Branding
WordPress Plug-in
Merge Multi-PDFs to one Flipbook Publication
Online Scene
Share on Social Networks
Tracking with Google Analytics
Text Version (for SEO)
HTML or Zip Publication (Desktop Version)
Import Links
Cloud Publications
Custom Templates
Keyword Searching
Defined Bookmarks
Auto-Flipping Mode
Show/Hide Toolbar
Print Pages
Custom Background Image
Mobile ready
Frequently Asked Questions More >>

Can I make my book private?

Yes, but only for paid users. Feel free to set any book of yours public or private. You can also set password to protect the publications. If you just want certain Issuhub users to view your private publication, you can add multiple Issuhub users email addresses via Email Permission option.

Where can I download issuhub desktop software? How does it work?

You can view this tutorial.

How many books can I upload?

It according to the plan you choose. Please check the above plans.

Can I use my issuhub account on Mac or Windows desktop software?

Yes, no matter what kind of account you have, even Free version, you are free to login in from Windows, Mac or any online platform.

Is it possible to add audio or video files to the book?

Yes, with PLATINUM or ENTERPRISE account you can customize your books with audio or video files to make them more vivid and attractive.

Is there a size or page limitation on the PDF that I uploaded?

No, you can add any PDF with any pages you want, but there is a limitation on the storage space you can store books. Upgrade to PLATINUM OR ENTERPRISE account to get unlimited book storage.

How to send my book to my friends or readers?

Send them the unique book url or share the book to your social networks like Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Where did you store my book, is it safe?

Your publications are stored on our server. Your books are very secure.

Are the books HTML5 or Flash based?


Can I add my logo to the publication?

Yes, PRO, PLATINUM or ENTERPRISE users can add logo and link so that readers can be redirected to your website directly, which will bring you more traffic.

What will happen after I complete the order?

You will receive an email with your order details, including Payment Amount, Payment ID and Order ID.

Is my order secure?

Yes. Our payment is done via FastSpring which provides a secure and convenient online payment service.

Is it possible for others to manage my online books using their accounts?

Yes, you can choose the Platinum or Enterprise Plan. By choosing the Platinum, your books can be accessed and managed by 3 different accounts; while Enterprise Plan allows 10 accounts to manage the created online books.

Do I need to pay additionally for Support, Upgrade and Cloud?

No, you can enjoy free support and upgrade.

Can I link my domain to my publications?

Yes. You need to upgrade to Platinum or Enterprise Plan.

Can I use my publication on multiple websites?

Yes, you can publish it everywhere.

Can I add the publication to my website?

Yes, you can click the Embedding Code button, then copy and paste the code to embed the publication to your webpages.

I have questions or need help. How can I contact you?

Please contact us via email address:[email protected].

How can I change my email address and account details?

Click the Settings button, then you can change email and details.

Where can I find my billing information?

Under the Order tab.