Yoga and Total Health — June 2017

(Barré) #1

Hatha Yoga Pradipika


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One should undertake the practice of purification of the nerves through the Mudras
that precede the activities related to bio-energy control (Pranayama). The sequence
will be Asanas, various [unusual] Kumbhakas (respiratory standstills of many types),
Mudras and other similar practices.

NOTE: It has been made clear that the Asanas could not be fruitful without other
supplementary accessories of Hath a Yoga. This is an introduction to such accessories in
their sequence. Before Asana can be followed by Pranayama, according to the sequence
of Patanjali, the Hath a Yog is believe that unless and until the nerves are purified, it is
dangerous to practice Pranayama of the eightfold variety propounded by Hatha Yoga.
This truth has been borne out by the research findings of The Yoga Institute which
has, for that reason, introduced eight simplified Pranayamas, popularly known as
Yogendra Pranayamas. This elementary study is absolutely essential for any student
of yoga before he jumps from Asana to Pranayama. Also, the advanced Pranayama
processes must be preceded by Mudras to achieve acclimatization to the variations
in metabolic rate. Significantly, the Mudra (neuro-muscular control) referred to by
the commentator, wherein Prana is drawn upwards from the Ida uninterruptedly, is
the Mahamudra of the third chapter. The Mudrakhyam Karanam invariably includes

The sequence for the study of yoga and essential general information for the
guidance of the student now follows. Those who will not heed to these when practicing
Asanas are likely to be less successful.

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