Yoga and Total Health — June 2017

(Barré) #1


Kushal Tatariya

When the word Dharma is heard,
Then duties are adhered to and God is feared.
But have you ever delved deeper,
Deeper into the complexities of this two syllable word?

A simple, subtle concept, yet profound,
If looked for, can be found in crevices all around.
For it is nothing but the true nature of anything,
The shine in the light, the vibration in the sound.

You find it within you too,
When you decide, be firm, strong and true.
When you follow your own fundamental nature,
To be at peace without any ado.

An act of Dharma steadies your mind,
Whether you paint, cook, play or just be kind.
An act of Dharma is an act of faith,
Where you take courage, wisdom forward, leaving uncertainty behind.

In Dharma, a thief gains stealth and a doctor compassion.
For Dharma is not a right or wrong transaction.
It is but an instrument, a means to an end,
To gain excellence and mastery in any action.

When you keep looking further into this word,
You will find layers, some you may never have heard.
But you will find answers to many question you may have
For that, you just have to be in Dharma and take a step forward!
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