Yoga and Total Health — June 2017

(Barré) #1
miniature tree with gloss, bottle green,
rounded leaves. This is known as five
spice / Jamaica pepper. Native to Asia and
Africa, it is called five spice as it smells
strongly of clove with undertones of
cinnamon, nutmeg, star anise and mace.
Its small dark brown berries are used
for culinary purposes. Medicinal value:
Rheumatisim, flatulance, tooth ache, a
digestive aid.

2.Cat’s tail/Indian Acalypha
(botanical name: Acalypha indica):-

Further down,
on the left to
the office there
are shrubs
with red velvet
textured long
tail-like blooms
that reminds
one of a cat’s bushy tail. Medicinal
value: Decoction of the leaves removes
mucous from bronchial tubes, promotes
urine output, alleviates asthma,
pneumonia, rheumatism, ear ache,
expels worms, to induce vomiting in
children, even used for snake bite and
irritation of centipede bite.

3.Neelgiri/Eucalyptus (botanical
name: Eucalyptus globules):-
A huge
tree beside
the house, it
is native to
Australia. It is
a tall evergreen
tree. The leaf
and bark oil
is famous for
its medicinal use. They are: Inhaling
and topical use for bronchitis,
whooping cough, fever, cold, bladder

Nature’s Bounty

Vijaya Magar

As one enters our Institute’s gates,
a fresh burst of lush greenery is a
welcoming sight that has a calming
effect and one immediately experiences
a sense of belonging with nature as
one gets to be part of the surrounding.
Swift squirrels scurrying around,
migrating birds nestling on the trees,
especially the Koels in season, enhance
the feeling of tranquility one comes
seeking for at the Institute. Under the
cooling canopy of the Bakula tree in
the foreground, the sun baked Jaisalmer
bench is a welcoming spot to relax and
soak in the 4 pm sun rays and sit still,
devoid of any restless agenda.

With a rich variety of flora and
some fauna, The Yoga Institute is a
paradise for all nature lovers to educate
themselves and get to know nature’s
gift of health, benefiting medicinal
shrubs and trees - a conscious attempt
by our Founder Shri Yogendraji to
create an atmosphere of the bygone
era’s Ashrama ambience.

To some of us who have no knowledge
of the richness of nature’s bounty at our
Institue, the following may help arouse
one’s curiosity to be more receptive to

Let me take you on an exhilarating
round of The Yoga Institute compound
starting from the right of the entrance.

1.Five Spice (botanical name:
Pimenta dioica):-
As you enter
the Institute
gate, to the left
of the foyer you
come across a

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