Yoga and Total Health — June 2017

(Barré) #1

(^16) YOGA AND TOTAL HEALTH • June 2017
infection, for phyorrhea, inflammation
of bladder, kidneys, joints, lining of the
nose, infection of sciatic nerve.
4.Cinnamon (botanical name:
Cinnamomum cassia):-
A small bushy tree with glossy
tapering leaves,
right beside
the Yogendra’s
house entrance.
culinary value,
it has medicinal
properties to
lower blood
glucose, B.P., serum cholesterol.
Ayurveda strongly recommends it as a
remedy for respiratory, digestive and
gynaecological ailments. The bark is
used as cinnamom sticks, the leaves/
Tej patta, flowers/Jaivetri or mace and
the fruit Nutmeg/Jaiphal are used
extensively in cooking for their appetite
stimulating aroma.

  1. Indian Aloe (botanical name: Aloe
    These are
    potted plants
    the coconut
    palm close
    to Yogendra
    house. Aloe is
    cultivated for
    ornamental and medicinal purposes.
    It has succulent, juicy, spiny, edged
    leaves. Medicinal value: The leaf pulp
    is excellent for promoting menstrual
    flow, reducing swelling and relieving
    pain in muscles, works as a good
    laxative, soothes burns, cools skin,
    cures eczema, reduces hair fall, kills
    and also expels worms from body.

6.Panphutti/Pattar chatt/Patri
plant/ Sprout leaf plant (botanical
name: Bryophyllum pinnatum):-

This plant requires sandy soil. It is a
succulent that sprouts leaves and roots
from the margin of the leaves. These
plants are still young but one can find
them in a large rectangle pot next to
the Yogendra house. Medicinal Value:
A concoction of leaves boiled down
with water is excellent for urinary tract
infections and kidney stones, hence
the name Pattar chatt. Slightly roasted
leaves are used for boils, bruises, insect
bites and wounds.

  1. Curry leaves (botanical name:
    Murrays koenigi):-

This tropical / sub tropical tree, with
fine dark fragrant leaves, in native to
India. Medicinal Value: It is rich in
antioxidants. Bark, root and leaves are
crushed and applied for skin infections.
Decoction of leaves works for worms,
acute abdominal pain. A raw mix of
powdered dried leaves with black gram
and pepper is good for blood sugar,
prevents premature graying of hair
and is also a blood purifier.

(to be cont’d in the next issue)
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