Yoga and Total Health — June 2017

(Barré) #1

We understand this word “yoga” in a very limited and small
way. It is a very big idea. It deals with the entire personality of
an individual - discipline, fullest development, etc. But somehow,
we get stuck at the little things - some breathing trouble, some
physical posture, and that is the end of yoga. If we can pursue it in
totality, it can help us in maintaining a balanced mind all the time
in life, and that can be helpful in every situation. An unbalanced
mind is the cause of all our difficulties. We say something, we think
something, we act something and problems start. If we are aware
and very consciously doing things that are right, then no difficulties
can happen. But we don’t try to reach that particular state through
yoga. We just bargain for a little advantage and that’s the end. We
have to improve our overall view of yoga.

Yoga and Total Health
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