Yoga and Total Health — June 2017

(Barré) #1

Laya Yoga

Shri Yogendraji

loses itself into the consciousness of
that object. But, this is not all about
the word; there is still a vast meaning
in it. The Sanskrit authorities define it
as “forgetfulness of all sensual objects
either in form or formless”. Hence, this
part of science which treats of the
various practices to attain that desired
state of union through the absorption
of one’s self into higher consciousness,
especially by following the inner sounds,
colour and light, is called Laya Yoga.

The higher part of mysticism can also
be called Laya Yoga. The process begins
with a sort of concentration, without
any primary effect of Pratyahara. Even
the regulation of breath is not very
essential in this particular case. So to
say, it becomes secondary. The reason
is that, in the higher stages, it follows
by itself. The Laya Yogi simply tries to
hear his inner voices and then closely
follows them. According to him, there
are ten different sounds which follow
one after the other as the stages become
more and more acute. Do we not feel a
kind of humming noise within us, when
we are trying to relax in a chair? But we
simply pass it over and do not go into
details to examine what it really means.
However, it is only the first voice that
we hear, under a certain condition of
the mind. But when we absorb ourselves
into the sound, we feel as if we are
walking down the steps of a ladder
leading to some silent cave. We feel that
sensation only when the energies, both
external and internal, are centered. Try
to hear, as it were the beating of your
heart, and what do you think will be the
consequence? You will forget all the

As soon as
the aspirant
finishes his
course in
Raja Yoga,
he is allowed
to follow the
next yoga
immediately after. And even then, in
his process of contemplation, he finds,
after a certain stage of development,
a sensation of merging in the object
without his knowing anything about
this system. Here he enters the
sedative portion of Laya Yoga. It is
a less scientific system of conscious
unfoldment, the progress being
dependent upon the capacity of the
practitioner, nor can the teacher help
him physically anymore because of the
inexpressible changes that takes place
within one’s own consciousness. But
then he is guided by instinct, and nature
takes her own course. So, Laya Yoga is
more of free and natural unfoldment,
yet, there are primary methods which
are very useful. In Sanskrit, there are
various meanings of this word “Laya”,
and it always depends upon the aspect
from which you translate it. However,
the underlying essence of all of them
is the same, as far as the act of merging
is concerned. Generally, “the sound of
a musical instrument that lingers after
it has ceased to play” is termed “Laya”.
Again, “extinction of all the energies
when deeply engrossed in a thing”
is also what “Laya” literally means.
“Absorption” is most rational; and,
when enlarged in the spiritual sense, the
word “Laya” means “absorption in the
supreme soul”. Hence, it is something
like “intentness” where the individuality

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