(Barré) #1

Vinay Koul

Population of this universe is ‘one’,
And that ‘one’ is having great fun.

This universe is His Leela, His play,
That is what great mystics and Yogis say.

From ‘one’ He has become a mighty crowd,
We can’t see this, for we are covered by a shroud.

Shroud of ignorance (Avidya) has covered our eyes,
We miss the truth and encounter only lies.

Our un-evolved mind can’t see one consciousness in all,
A sense of ‘separateness’ and ‘many’ holds it in thrall.

Just as effects of electricity are different in various appliances,
It works differently in fridges, fans, tube lights or furnaces.

Similarly, one consciousness has become this vast creation,
And it expresses differently in various degrees of manifestation.

Our mind gets overwhelmed by what is visible,
But it tends to ignore what is invisible.

When mind functions, it creates duality,
Observer, observation and observed become a reality.

When observer gets identified with the observed,
Pain and pleasure cause its poise to be disturbed.

In this play of consciousness, we laugh, cry and scream,
Till we realize that it was only a dream.

Finally, when we see ‘many’ as ‘one’,
We are eternally happy, our job is done.
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