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I enjoyed reading the articles, “Who has robbed the Swami’s honey?” (May 2017)
and “Are you in a hurry to die?” (March 2017) by Harry Sequeira. He seems to have a
treasure trove of memorable experiences based on his travels and interactions with
various spiritual masters. Humour and personal insight make his articles engaging
and interesting to read.
Ajay Kalra

We visited The Yoga Institute on 19th June 2017. We learned new yoga postures
and Bhavas. Later, Smt. Hansaji addressed all of us. She advised that we should
drink warm water or Nimbu pani when we feel tired or ill; that we should stay calm
and not react if the other person is angry, because if we get angry it will spoil our
body. She said that before we start studying we should meditate. The lunch provided
was very healthy. Overall, it was an excellent experience for me. I am thankful to
the school for organizing this trip to The Yoga Institute which helped me learn new
yoga postures and Bhavas.
Student from Arya Vidya Mandir - 6A
Bandra (West)

Namaste, I have been here in The Yoga Institute since 10 days. I finished the yoga
camp and personally found it amazing! The classes, the instructors, everybody here
is so warm and polite. Smt. Hansaji has always something wise and inspiring to
share with all the yoga students and visitors. I really recommend this divine place.
Here, everything gets reset and you can start your new life again. Thank you to The
Yoga Institute for this opportunity, thank you for letting me be part of this spiritual
mission here in India. Gracias!
Alba Nydia
Puerto Rico

The article on ‘Seva or Self-less Service’ by Murarilal Dhanuka was very
informative. It explains in very simple words what is the meaning of Seva and why
should one offer self less service. It also explains how Seva though selfless, ultimately
helps us in making egoless.
Pooja Shah
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