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STUDY: Yoga Helps Cancer Patients
While on the subject of the positive health benefi ts of Yoga, a small study of
26 lung cancer patients, most of whom were in their 60s, found that yoga
helped improve their overall physical function, stamina and mental health
and particularly their breathing. The participants took part in an average of
12 yoga sessions. The focus was on breathing and used chest openers.
Compared to a control group of patients who did not practice yoga, those
who did had higher scores on a six-minute walking test and more stamina
and a general sense of well-being.


Bikram Choudhury Yoga has filed for bankruptcy, leaving legal claimants unlikel
to receive their awarded amounts. The lawyers for founder Bikram Choudhury,
who built a worldwide yoga empire on a sequence of 26 poses in rooms heate
to 40 degrees, have declared $US50 million of liabilities with only $US1 million
assets and invoked bankruptcy proceedings. A significant portion of the liabilitie
rise from legal claims of wrongful dismissal and sexual harassment levelled by
several of his staff and student teachers from his teacher training. An arrest
warrant for Choudhury was issued earlier this year. Choudhury remains at large,
possibly hiding out in Thailand or Mexico.

Grey Lady Yoga in New York City
is hosting a “Drunk Yoga” class.
Teacher Eli Walker teaches the $
basic vinyassa (or as Walker calls it,
vino-yassa) class alongside an open
bar with unlimited wine, which
students can bring with them to
their mats. Walker believes that
sometimes you need some Dutch
courage: She told Refi nery 29, “One
of my students said he can’t touch
his toes on a day to day basis, but
when he’s doing drunk yoga, he can
touch his toes,” she explained.

Drunk Yoga:

It’s a thing.


Yoga Works to
Stop Scoliosis

Continuing clinical research
shows positive results for two
yoga-like isometric manoeuvres
to decrease scoliosis curves
(abnormal curving of the spine,)
Two clinical studies have both
have conclusively shown yoga
can asymmetrically strengthen
the convex side(s) of the lumbar
and thoracic curves, which
markedly reduces both types of
abnormalities. The side plank pose
is used for lumbar curves and the
half moon pose for thoracic curves.
Scoliosis is a painful condition
that effects about 3-4% of the

Yoga on the fly

While some international airports
offer communal airport yoga rooms,
Yoga on the Fly is the first private
airport studio with guided
instruction via an iPad and Sound-Off
headphones. Launched in November
at Denver International Airport in
Colorado, Yoga on the Fly is the
world’s first ever in-airport private
yoga and meditation studio. The
private mini-studios will include
wireless headsets, yoga mats, and
iPads with easy-to-follow instructional
videos that’ll let you choose specially
targeted yoga, mindfulness,
or breath sequences.
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