Australian Yoga Journal — January 2018

(Jacob Rumans) #1
Yoga Teacher and
Director, Yoga Arts

Q - What’s the best thing about being a
yoga teacher?
A - One of the best things of being a yoga
teacher for me, is sharing the amazing wisdom
that yoga is. How amazing is that? What an
incredible subject! To be able to understand the
self, to evolve to be a better person and for the
wisdom to translate into our daily lives. For as
long as I can remember this love of ‘truth’ has
been with me - so to be in a position to teach it,
to be reminded, to constantly be delving deeper
into these mysteries with others, is more than
humbling. It feels like a privilege. 

Q - What does a typical day in your life look like?
And are there any special, yogic rituals you
integrate into your daily life?
A - My regular day begins anywhere between
5 to 6.30am depending if I am teaching or not.
When I am not teaching it starts with the usual
essentials – shower, cup of hot ginger, turmeric
and lemon tea, meditation, pranayama, asana
and breakfast. I then get onto some of the daily
jobs (depending on where I am) like organising
trainings, classes and workshops. Some research
and study. Managing a yoga retreat centre,
hobbies, creative interests like making natural
oils and balms and cooking - I love to cook
wholesome natural food, particularly Ayurvedic
Indian inspired. It never feels complete unless I
spend some time in nature - this might be going
down to the creek and sitting on a rock at my
home in Australia, meandering through the rice
paddies if I’m in Bali, or walking on the beach
where ever I am. These days I prefer not to fi ll up
every minute of the day, and make time just to
hang out with friends and my partner and
enjoy the very simple things. 

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