The Economist USA - 21.09.2019

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TheEconomistSeptember 21st 2019 5

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The world this week
9 A summary of political

13 A warming world
The climate issue
14 The Saudi attacks
Abqaiq the powder keg
16 Israel
King Bibi’s reign is ending
20 Regulating rent

21 Onthepurposeofa

26 Climatechange

United States
31 Green New Deals
33 Rent control returns
33 The new new NSA
34 Rudy Giuliani’s adventures
35 LexingtonMark Sanford

The Americas
38 Drought threatens the
Panama Canal
39 El Alto and Evo Morales
40 BelloThe left’s love of

41 Planning for rising seas
42 Haze in South-East Asia
44 Chinese students in
44 Swine flu marches on
46 BanyanDemocrats,

47 Climate targets
48 Einstein on display
49 ChaguanAtheists get

Middle East & Africa
51 Conflict in the Gulf
53 Oil markets
54 Israel’s election
55 South Sudan
55 Drought in Malawi

BagehotThis week David
Cameron published his
memoirs. Here we print
an extract from the book
he might have written
had he won the
referendum, page 65

On the cover

Global warming touches on
everything The Economist
writes about. In this issue we
feature a series of articlesthat
look at climate change and
how to cope with it. The
stripes on our cover were
developed by Ed Hawkins of
the University of Reading.
They represent the years from
1850 to 2018 and the colour
marks each year’s
temperature, compared with

  • Iran’s dangerous game
    Nobody wants a war in the
    Middle East. That is why
    aggression by Iran and its proxies
    needs a tough response: leader,
    page 14. A strike on Saudi Arabia
    moves a shadowy conflict closer
    to open war, page 51. Saudi
    Aramco tries asserting control
    amid chaos, page 53

  • Lessons from a Wall Street
    titanHow Stephen Schwarzman
    built a legacy: Schumpeter,
    page 76

  • Why rent controls are
    wrong-headedCapping how
    much landlords get paid is the
    wrong way to help Generation
    Rent: leader,page 20. High
    housing costs are once again
    leading Democrats towards rent
    control, page 33

  • Goddess of the Taiwan
    StraitCommunist Party
    bosses love Mazu, a folk
    goddess of the sea: Chaguan,
    page 49

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