Fleurieu Living Magazine – April 2019

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Welcome to FLM

From the FLM team
It’s almost autumn and we’re having our last hot gasp of summer.
Welcome to issue 28!
Recently, we took the time to read the Onkaparinga Council’s
strategic plan for tourism and the statistic we found most interesting

  • as one of many small businesses operating on the Fleurieu – was
    that eighty percent of tourism to the region is made up of day-
    trippers. That means they’re mostly coming from Adelaide or they
    may already live on the Fleurieu.

Of the total tourism income, close to twenty-five percent comes from
friends and family who are visiting locals.

So what we have here is a very localised economy that’s greatly
influenced by the people who call the Fleurieu home.
FLM strives to be a publication that uncovers the best of what the
region has to offer. We hope that in our own way we have helped
put the Fleurieu on the map and that people use the magazine as a
guide when they visit. But more than that, we want locals to get more
familiar with the Peninsula.

In the last year alone we have seen close to thirty new, mostly small,
boutique businesses open.
The ethos around Buy Eat Shop Local – though a bit overused – is
what underpins the strength of our local economy. During the slower
autumn and winter months, it’s important that as locals, we get out
and about. In-bound tourism is seasonal, so let’s keep the spirit of
entrepreneurship thriving and support small business.
The idea of regional pride, exclusive experiences, an insider’s view
and ‘off the beaten track’ are all concepts that are really valuable.
The Fleurieu is full of entrepreneurial successes and natural wonders,
yet locals sometimes feel the tyranny of distance. Venturing beyond
the tried-and-true can feel too hard in our busy lives. Especially
when it’s chilly!
Let’s be tourists in our own region. Let’s strengthen the backbone of
small local business.

Let’s get out and about to try all the new locales, kick-arse coffee
and regional events!

Te a m FL M.

From our readers
Hi Petra,
I would like to once again thank you for giving me this wonderful
opportunity to showcase my home and to share my story. I will
forever treasure this beautiful publication – I have already bought
twenty copies to share with my family and friends over Christmas!
Jenny Vonic-Joyce, cover summer 2019.

Just got a copy of the magazine! Omg ... I cried ... happy tears!!
What a beautiful article! I’m proudly messaging the whole world and
telling them to buy a copy! ... I just bought five copies in Marion!
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!
Amanda Westley, featured artist summer 2019.

‘Fleurieu Living Magazine is the perfect conduit for us to promote
the gallery and we have been very fortunate to have had some
great articles about our artists. There are few quality media
opportunities that target the South Coast and Fleurieu demographic,
but we find that the readership of the magazine is a good match
with our visitors.’
Sonya Hender, The Strand Gallery.

‘When I first moved to the Fleurieu I came across this magazine. I
loved the photography in it and I said to myself: ‘It’s my goal to be in
there one day.’’
Angela Lisman, Photographer and artist.
(And so she has.)
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