Fleurieu Living Magazine – April 2019

(Jacob Rumans) #1
Jake Dean
Jake Dean is a Maslin Beach-
based writer and waverider who
welcomes any nude jokes you’re
willing to throw at him. Raised
in Brighton, his move south
represents one step closer to his
dream home of Port Elliot, and
puts him strategically close to
vineyards bursting with shiraz.
When he’s not surfing, you’ll
find him hanging with his wife
and knockabout 21-month-old
son or writing tepid fiction that’ll
likely stay locked away in his
desk drawer forever. He has written for publications around Australia
but says none compare to FLM when it comes to combining his
passions for the coast, vines and local produce.

Ynys Onsman
Born in Tasmania, Ynys was
startled by how dry and flat
South Australia seemed when
she moved here twenty-five
years ago. She has since come
to love the unique beauty of the
Fleurieu Peninsula, particularly
her home between the Aldinga
scrub and beach. She loves
reading, music and eating
whatever delicious produce
the region has to offer. She
is constantly inspired by our
friendly and diverse community.
Having spent many years writing, she believes everyone has a story
worth telling and enjoys the opportunity to help them share it.

Key Personnel Featured Contributors

Petra de Mooy
Issue 30 and seven years in print are rapidly
approaching. I feel a party is in order.

Jason Porter
Jason has worked as a graphic designer
and creative director both locally and
overseas for over thirty years.
When not in the office, he can usually be
found tweaking the crossover filters on his
ridiculously over-the-top hi-fi system.

Esther Thorn
Esther Thorn is a storyteller. She has worked
as a journalist for twenty years in print,
radio and television. Esther believes small
things, like commas and apostrophes, are
important. This makes her an irritating dinner
guest but a good editor.

Holly Wyatt
A self-described ‘city-escapee,’ Holly moved
to the Fleurieu chasing wide-open spaces
and the spoils of semi-rural life. Those spoils
include a good coffee in the morning, a glass
of wine in the evening and a bountiful supply
of inspiration for her art, music and work.

Our company mascot Lulu started
appearing in way too many of our Instagram
posts – so now she has her own profile (sad,
we know) where you can follow her charmed
life. Search for ‘miss_majestica’ if you’re
so inclined.


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