(Antfer) #1

Humanity’s oldest cousin

Earliest known primate evolved in hothouse world

WEEKLY 8 June 2013

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Do you love me as much
as I love you?

She won’t know
where her keys are

If I laugh she’ll think
he’s funny

I think he knows
my secret

He wants me to leave

Where is my phone?

He thinks she loves him

Do you think I’m right?

He wants us to think
that she likes you

They don’t know about us

exoskeleton rising
Man with severed spinal
cord walks with his thoughts

pyramid scHemers
Egypt’s lost city of
bean counters

goldilocks planet

Earth’s just right for life – but for how much longer?

water e ater
The bacteria that
changed the world



How we get inside other people’s heads. And why some of us are better at it than others

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News, ideas and innovation
The best jobs in science

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