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Have a look at page 11. Did you see him? Or did you look past him and carry on with your life?

Like many homeless young people that come
to Centrepoint. Mark is used to being ignored.
Caught in the crossfire of abusive parents as a
child, the only attention he ever got was when
they turned their anger on him. Bullied mercilessly
at school, he soon fell out of education.
“ I was 14, I didn’t know how to cope with the
isolation. I followed my parents’ example.
I turned to alcohol as a prop.”
For a while Mark beat the odds. He got a job
as a trainee chef and his prospects looked
brighter. But things at home got tougher, and his
alcohol dependence worsened. When his parents
finally separated, they said he was surplus to
requirements. With nowhere else to go, he spent
his first night on the streets.
“ It was one night, then another. Six months later
I was still there. I was alone and depressed,
I didn’t know how to get free.”
With no money and no one to support him, Mark
hit rock bottom. He went to a park, found a tree,
and tried to hang himself with his belt. The belt
snapped, but worse was yet to come. He was
mugged, badly beaten and left for dead.
Mark’s story is appalling. But it is not unique.
Many of the homeless young people who
come to Centrepoint have been through
similar experiences. Victims of neglect, abuse
or family breakdown, they are fleeing chaotic
backgrounds that rob them of their dignity.
When they find themselves forced onto the
streets, they are easy targets for drug dealers,
pimps and assailants - often within a matter
of hours.
By sponsoring a room at Centrepoint – for
just 40p day (£12 a month) – you could give
a vulnerable homeless young person like
Mark a safe, warm room of his own right now.

The Centrepoint room sponsorship scheme
offers homeless young people like Mark a
real chance to get their lives back on track,
starting with a roof over their heads and
ongoing support.
Homeless young people are struggling to be
seen and heard on the streets even now. They
urgently need our help to pick up the pieces
and to rebuild their broken lives. Please be the
person to give them that help - and the chance
of a fresh start and lasting change - today.
Please, give 40p a day now.

Sponsor a room at Centrepoint.

Call 0800 13 80 473
Visit http://www.centrepointroom.org.uk/
or return the form below

Sponsor a
room – just
40p a day

Your regular gift will be used to assist young people in sponsored rooms and for the general purposes of Centrepoint – working with homeless and socially excluded young people.

To protect the privacy of those we help, a model has been used for the photograph and the name has been changed.
The story however is true and as told by a young person.

Full Name
I’d like to receive important news and updates about my support. I have included my email address below.
In accordance with the 1998 Data Protection Act, we hold your details to provide you with updates
and appeals. If you do not wish to receive these please contact Centrepoint.
Under the Government’s Gift Aid scheme, all donations
made by UK tax payers are worth a quarter more.
To make your gift go further, just tick the box and date
I would like Centrepoint to reclaim the tax I have paid on all donations I have made in the
four years prior to this year, and any donations I may make in the future. I am a UK taxpayer.
I am paying at least as much in income and/or capital gains tax in a year as will be reclaimed
by all charities to which I give in that tax year.
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I wish to sponsor a room at £12 a month
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I wish to sponsor rooms at £ a month
Please collect my payment on the 1st/15th of every month (please circle preferred date)

Please return this form to: Centrepoint Room Sponsorship
Freepost ANG 2640, Colchester, CO2 8BR. Thank you
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Will you sponsor a Centrepoint room and get a homeless young person off the streets for good?


Why become a Centrepoint
Room Sponsor?

  • For just 40p a day, you could help a young
    person escape homelessness forever

  • You’ll receive a welcome pack and regular
    updates about the progress of young people
    you’re supporting

  • 80% of young people who come through
    Centrepoint go on to find education,
    employment or their own home

  • 86p of every pound we spend goes directly
    towards services for homeless young people

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