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The Science of

Natural Healing

Taught by Professor Mimi Guarneri
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  1. Shifting the Health-Care Paradigm

  2. Understanding Holistic Integrative Medicine

  3. You Are More Than Your Genes

  4. Food Matters

  5. Not All Foods Are Created Equal

  6. Natural Approaches to Infl ammation

  7. Food Sensitivity and the Elimination Diet

  8. Vitamins and Supplements

  9. Herbal Remedies

  10. Lowering Cholesterol Naturally

  11. Treating High Blood Pressure Naturally

  12. Treating Diabetes Naturally

  13. Stress and the Mind-Body Connection
    14 Turning Stress into Strength

  14. Meditation, Yoga, and Guided Imagery

  15. Natural Approaches to Mental Health

  16. Biofi eld Therapies

  17. The Power of Love

  18. Spirituality in Health

  19. Components of Spiritual Wellness

  20. Applying the Lessons of Natural Healing

  21. Ecology and Health

  22. Healthy People, Healthy Planet

  23. You Are Your Own Best Medicine

Discover Nature’s Power

to Heal

Have you ever wondered if there are scientifi cally valid alternatives
to the drugs so commonly prescribed in our health-care system?
Get answers you can trust from board-certifi ed cardiologist Mimi
Guarneri, founder of the Scripps Center for Integrative Medicine, in
The Science of Natural Healing. These 24 compelling lectures from
an award-winning doctor are an eye-opening exploration of holistic
healthcare and the many effective natural treatments and methods—
food included—that are both clinically proven and readily available.

You’ll look deeply into the science behind these natural treatments
and preventive healthcare, including how medical conditions ranging
from high blood pressure to heart disease and diabetes can be treated
naturally with remarkable effectiveness.

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The Science of Natural Healing
Course no. 1986 | 24 lectures (30 minutes/lecture)

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Please note: These lectures are intended to increase your understanding
of holistic options for supporting your health and well-being. They are
in no way designed to be used as medical references for the diagnosis
or treatment of medical illnesses. Neither The Great Courses nor Dr.
Guarneri can be responsible for any result derived from the use of this
material. Questions of diagnosis or treatment of medical conditions must
be brought to the attention of qualified medical personnel.




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