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NANCY CARR Writer “Style Files: Shop”
(page 25)
Smallest space you’ve lived in? A studio
apartment in Chicago. Every morning I’d fold
up my futon to transform my bedroom into
my living room. Any small-space living tips?
When I lived in a small condo with a tiny
kitchen I sacrificed cupboard space for a
small dishwasher — a great place to store dirty
dishes and clean ones too! How do you
reduce clutter? I’m pretty judicious about
which of my kids’ art projects we keep. Unless
they’re very special most get quietly filed in
the recycling bin and no one seems to notice.

“Design Lesson” (page 50)
Smallest space you’ve lived in? Our previous
apartment a prewar on the Upper West Side
in New York was 600 square feet. Any small-
space living tips? Carve out nooks within
larger living areas and use area rugs to define
spaces. How do you reduce clutter? Edit
edit edit! If you haven’t used it within a year
or it doesn’t make you smile get rid of it.
Also consider dual-purpose furnishings
that can double as storage — like end tables
with drawers.

MARK BURSTYN Photographer “Small is
Elegant” (page 70)
Where do you call home? My family of
three fits perfectly in our 800-square-foot
bungalow in central Toronto. Decorating tips
to make small spaces feel bigger? In our
house we removed non-load-bearing walls to
improve flow and used lighter paint colours to
make the space feel brighter. For the decor
we also used lighter tones and went for
apartment-sized pieces like our sofa which
keeps the space from feeling cramped.



Compiled by Jessica Flower/Photography by Jonni Super (Nancy)/Simon Jutras ( Jesse and Mara)/Dan Robb (Mark)
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