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STEAM is taking the ‘local’ out of ‘local multiplayer’


he problem with couch co-op is that
it involves (shudder) Full Human
Interaction. Valve to the rescue!
Steam now offers (in the beta client)
Remote Play Together, which allows local
co-op games to be played over the internet.

There are over 4,000 supported games at

launch, and I’m not listing them here because
we only have so much space.
The host invites somebody from their
friends list to play, the game is streamed to
their screen, and away you go. While we’ve
found that internet speeds have an effect on
quality, it’s surprisingly solid so far.
Luke Kemp


PDXCON 2019 announcements? Let’s DLC what we have here


ou can check out p28 and p30 for
the new games, but there’s plenty
more announcements from
Paradox’s annual convention to talk about.
Battletech’s Heavy Metal expansion, for
example. Eight new mechs! Flashpoint
mini-campaign! Plus a free update to the
base game, with two new mechs and official
mod support. All coming November 21.

Stellaris gets an expansion called Federations.
Based on negotiating with aliens rather than
blowing them up, this DLC will let you make
alliances and be a space politician. The
Lithoids Species Pack—with new species
portraits and ship models—is out now.
Age of Wonders: Planetfall’s first expansion
lands November 19. Revelations offers two
campaigns, a new faction, and more. With
Hearts of Iron 4’s La Resistance expansion
too, there’s plenty to keep Paradox fans busy.
Luke Kemp

Stat Pack

Years Monolith has been making
games. Happy birthday!

(and then some) dollars revenue for
Youtubers Life! Mad...

Dollars for a year’s Fallout
1st subscription.


Hours Fortnite was taken offline
before the launch of Chapter 2.

The version of Doom you get as a
bonus if you pre-order Doom Eternal.


Percent positive Steam reviews for
I Love You, Colonel Sanders.
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