(sharon) #1
the element. Available as you read,
this is new support hero Senna, so go
and check her out!
Teamfight Tactics also gets a Rise
of the Elements update, which again
is live now. It introduces new
champions, classes, abilities, items,
and more. LoL and TT
are getting mobile

versions too (the LoL one named
Wild Rift), which will arrive in 2020.
TT mobile is essentially the same
game with PC cross-play, while Wild
Rift is an entirely new, and separate,
game with 15-20 minute matches.

There’s brand new games coming
too! CCG Legends of Runeterra for

ABOVE: The gang’s
all here and there,

W they’re everywhere!

hat would you
say is the
way to
celebrate a
game’s tenth birthday? If you’re
Riot Games, and the game is League
of Legends, you would apparently
say “announcing everything, and
then one more thing”. Blizzard’s
reputation has taken a hit lately
(see page 8), and Riot’s huge push
into new ideas, genres, media, and
IPs is surely not a coincidence.

LoL itself gets an update named Rise
of the Elements. This is running on
the PBE right now, going live with
update 9.22 due before the end of
November. The biggest news here is
arguably the earthquake-level
shakeup for the main map,
Summoner’s Rift.
Killing an Elemental Drake will
still give your team a buff (though
some of these buffs have been
tweaked), but now such a kill can
transform the map, too, creating new
routes and chokepoints according to


With Blizzard on the ropes RIOT GAMES makes its play


one—head to p18 for our hands-on.
Then there’s the LoL fighting game
currently known only as Project
L—details are sparse, but it’s from the
team that worked on the
never released Rising
Thunder, which aimed to
make the genre accessible to
a wider audience.
Totally unrelated to League
of Legends is what’s currently
known as Project A, an online
FPS that’s mostly shrouded in
secrecy. What little has been shown
hints at a cross between Rainbow Six
and (amusingly) Overwatch. That,
combined with a promise that,
“We’ve put anti-cheat at the forefront
of our development,” means this is
one to watch.
Plus (yes, really) there’s an
unnamed action-RPG, the self-
explanatory LoL Esports Manager,
and an animated series set in the LoL
universe (developed in-house) by the
name of Arcane on the way. It
would’ve been quicker to talk about
what Riot isn’t doing.
Luke Kemp
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