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by Thomas Frederick Mills
Sex, drugs, and rock ‘n’ roll,
along with a shady govern-
ment, helped Big T make big
money. But he didn’t predict
that it would cost him over
20 years in prison.

PB: 9781478795209 $23.

Darkest Betrayals
by Bella Rayne
Panic attacks leave Layla
unable to function. When a
hypnotherapist suggests a
past life regression, she is sud-
denly immersed in a world not
her own...or was it?

PB: 9781977202918 $19.

Capitol Hill’s Criminal
by Richard Lawless
Unmask the dark corners of
the Department of Justice and
their “political overseers,” who
to usurp our legal protections.
PB: 9780578209982 $19.
HB: 9780578209999 $34.

And Come Day’s End
by Gabriel F.W. Koch
Lenny Oliver’s secrets ended
his life—lies he dressed up in
But only the secret holder is
fooled in the long run.

PB: 9781977202499 $14.

Into the Hand of a
by Carla C. Ohse
Judge Deborah Miller departs
Manhattan for Israel, intent
to aid exploited women in a
northern refugee camp.

PB: 9781432790516 $14.

"1-m7-Ѵvmˆ;vঞ]-ঞ omv
by William F. F. Young
nor Thomas E. Dewey and the
use of the criminal process as a
weapon in political warfare.

PB: 9781977214379 $17.
HB: 97819772-14874 $29.

ELI - Pride of the
Yazoo River
by Daniel E. Brown
Satartia is famous for Eli, the
bridge. People have tried—and
failed—to catch him. But then
two kids get creative.
PB: 9781977204530 $12.
HB: 9781977204547 $19.

by Thomas B. Sawyer
N.Y. Private-eye Barney Moon
must travel to his least favor-
ite spot, L.A., where his simple
investigation quickly explodes
into humor and mayhem.

PB: 9781977210685 $17.

Return to Spirit
by Christopher B. Soltis
Life doesn’t come with an
instruction manual, or does it?
This is Chris’ personal account
of spontaneous Kundalini
Awakening, the of union of
mind, body and Spirit.
PB: 9781977210197 $27.
HB: 9781977211361 $35.

Prayers That Touch
God’s Heart
by Estella Holiday
ple, and this prayer book will
in their personal prayer life.

PB: 9781478796374 $13.

Forgiven, Not Forsaken
by S.C. Von
One woman’s account of
torment with demonic
possession—a burden she
endured for over a thousand
consecutive days. The ordeal
Then a miracle occurred.
PB: 9781478781868 $18.

The Well House
by M.S. Matassa
Ben’s pregnant wife, Anne, is
locked in a coma, and he is
the only person who can save
her. His dreams contain clues
but they make no sense. Ben
will face the ultimate evil that
holds Anne captive.
PB: 9781478723356 $14.

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