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One o the United States’ foremost foreign policy experts,
FAREED ZAKARIA is the host o CNN’s Fareed Zakaria GPS,
where he has interviewed a wide variety o world leaders,
from Barack Obama to Vladimir Putin. A columnist
for The Washington Post (and a former editor at Foreign
airs), Zakaria is also the author o several best-selling
books, including The Post-American World. In “The
Self-Destruction o American Power” (page 10), he argues
that American hegemony’s death was self-inŠicted,
the result o‹ Washington’s bad habits and bad behavior.

As a Ph.D. student at the University o Cambridge,
GILLIAN TETT spent a year living in a remote mountain
village in Tajikistan studying marriage rituals and looking
after goats. She then used her anthropological back-
ground in her work as a ‘nancial journalist, warning o
the dangers in the system before the crisis o 2008.
Now American editor-at-large for the Financial Times, in
“Faith-Based Finance” (page 34), Tett argues that to
avoid another crisis, we need to make sure that the
‘nancial system is the servant o the broader economy
rather than its master.

ANDREW NATHAN has devoted his career to studying
Chinese politics, Chinese foreign policy, and international
human rights. In 2001, Nathan, a professor at Columbia
University, co-edited a sensational inside account o the
decisions that led to the 1989 Tiananmen Square massacre.
In “The New Tiananmen Papers” (page 80), Nathan
reveals previously unpublished documents that shed new
light on a moment that came to de‘ne modern China.

When JESSICA CHEN WEISS returned from studying abroad
in Beijing while an undergraduate at Stanford, she was
struck by how badly Americans and Chinese understood
each other, and she founded a student exchange program
to help bridge the gap. Since receiving her Ph.D.
from the University o California, San Diego, she has held
academic positions at Princeton and Yale, and she is now
a professor at Cornell. In “A World Safe for Autocracy?”
(page 92), Weiss argues that China’s actions are making
the world safer for autocracies.


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