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CliniqueRedness Solutions
Daily Relief Cream, £42
I like to apply a thick layer of
this moisturiser when my skin
getsespecially angry. It’s
so cooling and great for
taking down blotchiness.
Used over time, it lessens
the appearance of broken
capillaries, but it’s also
an absolute godsend if
you get sunburnt.

LiseOf L ife

DrHauschka Soothing
Mask, £39.50
Packed with skin-cosseting
botanicals like alchemilla,
borage, buckwheat and
nourishing shea butter. I apply
this all over my face and neck
whenever I need to, as my skin
noticeably recuperates fast.
It’s my SOS product.





Beautydirector Lisa Oxenham visits

the Fabled byMarie Clairebeauty store

to check out the best winter skin saviours

Coldweather, central heating and heavy pollution – it’s no
wonderthat during winter skin ageing is accelerated,
inflammation is heightened and conditions like acne,
eczema and rosacea get worse. If there was a time for
defensive antioxidants and reparative ingredients, it’s
now.Thankfully, I’ve just been trialling Estée Lauder’s
new Advanced Night Repair Intense Reset Concentrate,
£ 59, a finely textured elixir that’s now part of my beauty arsenal.
Firstly, let me tell you about my nights in. The aim is to decompress
fromthe stress of the day, so I start my evenings with a few rituals:
I light a candle, make a cup of herbal tea, and do some breathing
exercisesand yogic stretches. All this benefits both mind and body.
Loweringstress hormone levels pays off with skin health, too, as it
can reduce the speed of collagen and elastin breakdown, and
decreasethe risk of sensitivity. Next, I double-cleanse and smooth
the Advanced Night RepairIntense Reset Concentrate on my
face. Developed with stress-induced
parched skin in mind, this serum
tackles irritation in just a few
drops. I have multiple, seemingly
conflictingissues going on, so it
canbe hard to know how
to address one problem
without aggravating the
other. I find that when
my skin is reactive and
dehydrated, it also takes on
an oily topcoat. But the really raw end of the sensitivity
deal is when it turns bright red and is, frankly, screaming
out for intervention. That’s when I find the anti-irritation
combo of salicylic acid and resveratrol in this serum
helpful. Another bonus: it contains fermented yeast,
which helps to purify skin cells. According to the science
buffs at Estée Lauder, this is essential to break the cycle of
accumulateddamage that can lead to further irritation.
Loaded with hyaluronic acid and antioxidants, the serum
sinks in easily and hydrates to the point where you may
not need a night cream. Put simply, it gives back the glow
that stress and our climate robs us of at this time of year.

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Water Gel, £44.50
This skin-quenching gel
contains hyaluronic acid, so
I get all the moisture I need
without suffocating my face
in rich creams. It also plays
well under make-up and is
powered by cactus pear extract
renowned for reducing irritation.

Ren Evercalm Gentle
Cleansing Gel, £20
Over-cleansing,or using harsh
productsthat strip skin of natural
oils, is a sure-fire way to irritate
sensitive skin. This lifts away dirt
andmake-up easily, and even
contains a skin-calming yeast
extractto treat sensitivity from
the very first step in my regime.
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