Marie Claire UK - 10.2019

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Aheadof his debut cookbook launch,

Queer Eye’s Antoni Porowski shares his go-to

date-night dish and top foodie destination

‘Ilove to nibble on
marcona almonds.
They are a little pricier
than the regular ones,
but don’t have the skin,
and are just so crunchy
and sweet. I would
really recommend
them on a cheese and
charcuterie board, too.’

‘I recently discovered
crystallised ginger
and it’s now my go-to
snack whenever I want
something sweet. I like
chunks lightly crystallised,
without too much sugar.’

‘It’s incredible how
much flavour dried
porcini adds to any
broth. I use wild dried
mushrooms in my new-
style Polish hunter’s
stew and it changes
the entire dish – it’s
so nice and earthy.’

‘The sexiest dish in the book is the
macadamia-crusted lamb lollies.
There is just something very primal
about tearing away the macadamia nut
crust of these perfectly medium-rare,
salty, crispy lamb lollies drizzled in
a spicy honeyagrodolce– a mix of red wine vinegar, honey and
redpepper flakes. It’s sticky, it’s spicy, it’s meaty and it’s a bit
of animal fat; ideal for date night.’

‘One of my favourite restaurants is Su & GiÙ in Rome.
I once went for three meals in a row – it has laminated photos
ofthe food hanging on the walls and the nonna there runs the
show. They have the best puntarelle salad, made from
the leafy tops of chicory, anchovies, lemon juice and olive oil.
WhatI love about the city is its lack of pretension. Some of the
best food there is served at rickety tables in little side streets.’
Antoni In The Kitchenby Antoni Porowski is out now

‘My favourite cookbook isFeastby Nigella Lawson.
I received it as a gift, and it’s the one that inspires me to be
a little creative and try to figure out the story that I’m telling
with my food. It’s a fantastic book (especially if you’re looking
for inspiration for festive menus) and there’s something so
sensual about the way she writes about food that is also
comforting.If she manages to do that with her writing alone,
I can only image what her parties are like.’

‘A cheesy lemon, rosemary and
artichoke dip is great for dinner
parties.If I host, I start with the thing that
makes me the happiest: dairy. Growing up in
Quebec, we always had a cheese course after
dessert, so there’s no better way to begin
a dinner party than with that dip. It’s dairy-
heavy, but the brightness of the lemon and
tanginess of the rosemary make this perfect
with crackers, or even beautiful rainbow carrots, endives or
thinly sliced radishes. If I don’t make this dip, then I will always
have a cheese and charcuterie board.’

‘I prefer to cook on my own.Whenever I invite people
over for fajita night – Tan and Jonathan love Tex-Mex – it’s very
hard for me to accept help because I’m too much of a control
freak, but I’m trying to be better. I recently watched the
docu-series Salt Fat Acid Heaton Netflix and chef Samin
Nosrat was explaining that if she is making pesto, she lets one
of the guests tear the basil so they’re part of the process, and
leave feeling like they have learned something.’



‘Technically not in my
cupboard, but I always
have a bowl of lemons
sitting on my kitchen
island, because I go
through them like crazy.
From the zest to the
juice, I use lemons
for everything.’

‘I always have some
really nice honey or
honeycomb stored in
my pantry. I will have
some sharp cheddar on
a cracker, add a medjool
date and a little bit of


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