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Charismatic, talented, attractive.
Your duties and personal needs
keep you busy. You can resolve
long-standing problems if you remain
resolute. Don’t let delays or setbacks
discourage you. Ruling planet: Moon. Gem:
Pearl. (Joe Biden, politician)

Inquisitive, dynamic, intense.
People admire your courage and
ability to manage responsibility.
New experiences and growing self-
confidence help you make a major decision.
Ruling planet: Jupiter. Gem: Amethyst.
(Marilyn French, author)

Daring, adaptable, strong. You
are ready to try something new
— perhaps a different direction
in life. Choices made during the next few
years can have long-lasting effects. Aim
for the stars! Ruling planet: Pluto. Gem:
Carnelian. (Jamie Lee Curtis, actress)

Popular, enigmatic, romantic.
You can become very popular if
you actively pursue a career. A
lighthearted but sincere approach works
well for you now. Find new ways to use
your creativity. Ruling planet: Mercury.
Gem: Emerald. (Boris Karloff, actor)

Emotional, nurturing, sentimental.
Separate fact from wishful thinking
so you can make intelligent
decisions. Explore hobbies such as cooking,
acting, or dancing. Love relationships
are tricky. Ruling planet: Venus. Gem:
Sapphire. (Scott Joplin, composer)

Mysterious, creative, perceptive.
Stake your claim on your goal,
and don’t be distracted from it.

Arrogance can be your downfall, so make
amends if it gets out of hand. Ruling planet:
Neptune. Gem: Aquamarine. (Ricardo
Montalban, actor)

Industrious, serious, imaginative.
Ask for help when you need it, and
avoid overworking. Avoid people
who want to take advantage of you. An older
person could inspire you. Ruling planet:
Saturn. Gem: Garnet. (Robert Goulet, singer)

Active, talented, inventive. Make
sure that those you love know
you care. You can find success by
using your talents well. Learn new work
methods and techniques. Use safety devices
— buckle up! Ruling planet: Mars. Gem:
Ruby. (Jimi Hendrix, musician)

Ambitious, alluring, witty. The
people around you may see your
quirks as amusing, confusing, or
both. Don’t spend too much money on fads
or amusements. Set aside cash each week
for emergencies. Ruling planet: Sun. Gem:
Diamond. (Jon Stewart, comedian)

Proud, earthy, socially adept. Try
sampling new interests, cuisines,
and beliefs. Ask politely for what
you want. Avoid excesses to protect your
health, and don’t overextend yourself
financially. Ruling planet: Moon. Gem:
Pearl. (Howie Mandel, game show host)

Expansive, humorous, youthful.
Don’t hesitate to go out to meet
new people. You may find a
new friend or mentor who will become
important to you. Above all, stay true to
your beliefs. Ruling planet: Jupiter. Gem:
Turquoise. (Colin Mochrie, comedian) P

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