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NOVEMBER 2019 19

Time to clear up confusion caused
by Mercury’s recent retrograde.
Thursday, November 21
a 2:38 p.m. Moon square Venus.
Don’t waste time trying to find love,
money, or appreciation.
11:18 p.m. Moon enters Libra.
Teamwork and relationships are
Friday, November 22
9:57 a.m. Sun enters Sagittarius. For
four weeks, focus on the area of your
life associated with Sagittarius.
f 7:13 p.m. Moon semisextile
Mercury. You may enjoy word
Saturday, November 23
a 10:30 a.m. Moon square Pluto.
If anyone tries to intimidate you,
protect your interests.
f 8:58 p.m. Moon sextile Venus. A
casual get-together with a good friend
or a loved one can be satisfying.
f 9:48 p.m. Moon sextile Jupiter.
Look for an opportunity to improve
SUNDAY, November 24
12:57 a.m. Moon enters Scorpio.
Strong feelings, deep needs and
hidden motives come into play.
f 8:32 a.m. Venus conjunct Jupiter.
A positive approach can make this a
pleasant day.
a 11:49 p.m. Mars opposite Uranus.
Be careful. Avoid high-crime areas
and volatile people.
Monday, November 25
7:45 a.m. Moon parallel Mercury.
You know exactly the right words to
express your feelings.
f 12:28 p.m. Moon sextile Pluto.
You may have surprisingly strong
reactions to people, places, or words.

7:27 p.m. Venus enters Capricorn.
This transit can be helpful for
business and professional activities.
Tuesday, November 26
3:09 a.m. Moon enters Sagittarius.
Expand horizons. Learn more about
the world.
f 10:04 a.m. Sun conjunct Moon
(New Moon.) Learn a new skill, or
plan a trip.
Wednesday, November 27
7:31 a.m. Neptune turns direct in
Pisces. Pay attention to your intuition.
f 11:05 a.m. Sun parallel Moon. Your
mind and spirit are in sync.
f 4:09 p.m. Moon semisextile Pluto.
You can be effective in groups by
using a subtle approach.
Thursday, November 28
7:31 a.m. Moon enters Capricorn.
Choose activities that enhance your
public image.
f 1:26 p.m. Venus trine Uranus.
Sudden attractions are likely now.
f 7:04 p.m. Moon sextile Mars. Extra
energy helps you finish a personal
Friday, November 29
f 12:38 p.m. Moon sextile Neptune.
Do jobs that benefit from imaginative
4:15 p.m. Moon conjunct Saturn.
The mood is serious. Take care of
10:55 p.m. Moon conjunct Pluto.
Avoid power plays.
Saturday, November 30
3:12 p.m. Moon enters Aquarius.
Groups and goals are emphasized.
f 7:14 p.m. Sun parallel Moon. Body
and soul are in harmony.
a 9:36 p.m. Moon square Uranus. Be
careful! P
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