(Barré) #1
[ october 2019 | 11 ]

Marengo ClutCh
Cindy of AtelierCG designs fine leather goods and jewelry in her
Los Angeles studio. The Marengo is a hybrid design of a clutch
and belt bag; carry it by hand or attach it to your belt and go
hands-free. The supple Red Dun leather has multiple compart-
ments for storage. Each piece is made to order by hand.

the artful
equine tea towel
Each handmade tea towel cre-
ated by Betsie Millsap of The
Artful Equine features intricate
details composed of fabric,
leather and acrylic paint.
The horse can be personal-
ized from a photo, turning a
décor accent into a treasured
keepsake. While they are a
functional item, it’s OK to just
hang and admire.

Blue horse head Pillow
A down-filled pillow offers a soft place to land on
the back of a chair or couch. The iconic horse
head with a bridle is surrounded by braided
details. The soft exterior fabric is velveteen, which
is easy to clean and keep looking new.

“Compassionate” zooms in on the face of the
horse, bringing out the emotion of the eye and
beauty of the horse’s face. “In our fast-paced
modern world, it’s my goal to draw attention to the
details and capture emotions with my paintings,”
says Stefanie Hornig of Equine Emotions Art.

Marina PonCho
Instantly add a layer of sophisti-
cation to your outfit with Rönner
Design’s Marina poncho. The
acrylic/cotton blend is perfectly
balanced: It keeps you warm
but isn’t too heavy, making it a
great day or night piece.
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