(Barré) #1




ctober is my favorite month. T
heat has fi nally ended, and th
unmistakable crisp feel to the mo
leaves are turning spectacular co
there’s a little break before the cra
non-stop holiday festivities gets g
Some big news to report at Horse
is that I will be your new editor! I’ve
part of the editorial team here for 1
and managing editor for the last sev
is an unbelievable honor for someon
has read and admired this magazin
ally as far back as I can remember.
A little about me: My fi rst job was
selor at a wonderful summer horse
where I got to teach riding and vaul
After that, I moved on to grooming i
show horse world, which was a fant
learning experience. I went on to gr
school to get my master’s degree in
nutrition and had my fi rst experien
foaling mares and interacting with
cute little foals.
A lucky bit of timing got me a job
Thoroughbred magazine, where I le
how to write ad copy. From there, I a
sister mag Horse Illustrated, and th
I currently own a Thoroughbred/w
cross named Artie, and we love even
taking some time off from that, how
also expecting the arrival of my fi rs
around Thanksgiving! No matter wh
committed to making and keeping t
the best it can be. This month, you m
design update to keep things as fres
as you’ve come to expect. We’ll have
exciting updates for you in the issue
Happy riding,

Holl y Caccamise

[email protected]

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