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Tele Vue-60 Specifications:
Objective: APO Air-spaced Doublet
Ap/F.L./f-ratio: 60mm/ 360mm/ f/
Length OTA: 10”
Weight OTA: 3lbs.
Focuser: 1¼”, push-pull/helical fine focus
Max. Visual Field: 4.3° (with 32mm Plössl/24 Panoptic)
Tele Vue-60 OTA shown with optional equipment.
Case Dim. 14”x9”x4” Total package weight as shown 5¾lbs.
*Solar viewing with any telescope requires proper solar filtering.

Tele-Pod Mount


he August 2017 solar eclipse will be a special few moments in time. The
heirloom quality Tele Vue-60 is designed, built, and tested at Tele Vue for
those moments plus all of your future observing adventures. With performance
truly beyond expectation, this 4.3° max. true field, diffraction-limited 60mm is
no mere toy. The Tele Vue-60 is an observing companion like no other, given its
combination of ultra portability and stunning optical fidelity. This petite jewel is
made of black anodized aluminum for lasting beauty and features a buttery-
smooth dual stage focuser for that “snap-to-focus” image. Pack its optional
custom carrying bag with an Everbrite diagonal, Sol-Searcher, Fonemate,
and some Tele Vue eyepieces, grab a Tele-Pod Mount and chase away.
For the 2017 eclipse and beyond, your observing time deserves the best.

to eyepiece adapter

Tele Vue 32 Elkay Dr., Chester, NY 10918 (845) 469-4551.


TV-85 Eclipse Image by Dennis diCicco, processing by Sean Walker.
Free download pdf