The Spectator - 07.09.2019

(Barré) #1

4 the spectator | 7 september 2019 |


3 Leading article

6 Portrait of the Week
7 Diary The Spectator and me
Rory Stewart

9 The Spectator’s Notes
The wrong moment to go
grouse shooting
Charles Moore

11 Peter Bland
‘Help’: a poem

12 Barometer Gathering storms,
teachers’ pay, popular attractions

15 Rod Liddle Magic Grandpa may
win the battle but lose the war

16 Ancient and modern All the rage

23 James Delingpole How I beat
the autumn blues

28 Letters Helping the homeless,
Brexit logic, Prince Harry’s choices

29 Any other business
The PPI scandal ends — but the
nuisance calls will keep coming
Martin Vander Weyer

10 All to play for
Boris Johnson’s great election gamble
James Forsyth

12 Europe’s missing heart
Britain must leave the EU now
William Shawcross
14 I can topple that
The Queen knows more about
genuine coups than anyone
Robert Hardman

16 Gatekeeper anxiety
The serfs are thinking for themselves
— and their betters don’t like it
Stephen Daisley

20 In the balance
Ipso’s leaked guidelines on
Islamophobia mark a sinister shift
Will Heaven

21 Double standards
Regressive demands on the media
only hurt minorities
Trevor Phillips

22 Fair game
Celebrity outrage over trophy
hunting is missing the point
Patrick Galbraith

24 Village fate
Moving to the country was a mistake
Louise Perry

27 Letter from Algeria
William Dalrymple

30 Craig Raine
The Lives of Lucian Freud: Youth,
by William Feaver

32 Peter Parker
Lucian Freud: Herbarium,
by Giovanni Aloi

33 Clare Mulley
Our Man in New York,
by Henry Hemming

Jeff Noon
on recent crime fiction

34 Marcus Berkmann
on Neville Cardus

35 Allan Mallinson
A Peer Among Princes,
by Philip Grant

36 Oliver Balch
by Niko Vorobyov

38 Daniel Swift
Chastise, by Max Hastings
39 James Russell
‘A Shot Rang Out’: a poem

Emily Hill
Travel Light, Move Fast,
by Alexandra Fuller


Freudian slips, p

The new figurativism, p

‘Five minutes is a long
time in politics’, p

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