Wallpaper - 07.2019

(Nancy Kaufman) #1
by Rodolfo Dordoni
A characteristically geometric design from
Rodolfo Dordoni, this console is part of
a series of new additions to the ‘Boboli’ family
of products that includes side and coffee
tables. The slick, burnished aluminium legs
spiral upwards, like vertically trained plants
in a classical Italian garden. Topped with
a slick marble slab, the console is architectural
in construction and altar-like in stature.
‘Boboli’ console, £2,450, by Rodolfo Dordoni,
for Cassina, cassina.com

by Jaime Hayon
Like many of Jaime Hayon’s designs, this
table lamp comes dense with narrative.
It is named after ‘seta’, the Spanish word
for ‘mushroom’, in a nod to its form, while
‘go’ references its cord-free capability,
part of Hayon’s aim to ‘prioritise versatility’.
With an unobtrusive gold dimmer, the design
exudes minimalist artistry.
‘Setago JH27’, £71, by Jaime Hayon, for &tradition,


by Emmanuel Gallina
As urban domestic spaces continue to
downsize, designers are coming up with
inventive solutions and creating pieces
with big personalities and small dimensions.
To explain his own design objectives,
Emmanuel Gallina quotes Romanian
sculptor Constantin Brâncuși: ‘Simplicity
is complexity resolved’. His Jane collection
for Poliform fulfils the brief, combining
comfort, modesty and nifty space-saving.
The bench’s narrow lines, gentle curves and
elegant understatement offer up a dignified
welcome in our hallway, or any other
room. The piece can be finished in metal
or wood, with painted aluminium feet,
and upholstered in fabric or leather.
‘Jane’ bench, price on request, by
Emmanuel Gallina, for Poliform, poliform.it

by Francesco Forcellini
Milan-based industrial designer
Francesco Forcellini has created a striking
mirror that misaligns perspective to
intriguing effect. The focal point, a circular
disk, draws inspiration from the sun and
reflects objects head on. Behind it, a pair
of symmetrical mirrored panels are rotated
slightly, subtly manipulating the reflected
space. The faceted mirror both fractures
and appears to enlarge interiors in a refined
trompe l’oeil. Measuring 2m x 2m, the
design is mounted on a wooden frame,
and its mirrored surfaces are available
in four finishes – standard, gold, bronze
and smoked – that can be combined
as desired to customise the piece.
‘Central’ mirror, £1,467, by Francesco Forcellini,
for Tonelli, tonellidesign.com

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