(Jacob Rumans) #1






Equipment Required

  • Fondant: blues, white,

  • Rolling pin

  • Medium ball tool

  • Palette knife

  • Pointed silicone brush

  • Bamboo skewer

    • Small knife

    • Straight blade

    • Cutting pliers

    • 3.5cm round cutter

    • Oval plunger cutter set

    • Pearl border silicone

      • Mat

      • Cakes: 15cm round
        x 10cm high, 10cm
        round x 5cm high

      • Cake boards

Difficulty Rating

Step 1.
First, you will need four shades of blue
fondant. B1 being the darkest blue,
B2 dark blue, B3 light blue and B4 the
lightest. Cover the cake tiers in white.

Step 2.
Cover the top of the cake with B2. Use a
cake board the same size as the cake as a
guide. Roll B2 with the rolling pin, put the
cake board on top and cut with the knife.

Step 3.
Attach to the top of the cake.

Step 4.
Use the pearl mould to make the border.
Put B1 inside the mould and cut the
excess. Take out of the mould.

Step 5.
Assemble the cake on the cake board and
attach the border as shown.

Step 6.
To make the pattern, roll B4 into a
sausage and then roll and flatten B3. Put
B4 inside B3 and roll together.

Step 7.
As before, roll and flatten B2 and put the
previous sausage inside. Roll together.

Step 8.
Roll and flatten B1 and put the previous
sausage inside. Roll together again to
around 3.5cm diameter.

Step 9.
Slice with the straight blade to get the
pattern for the centre of the big flowers.
If they become oval shaped, adjust with
your finger to become round.

Step 10.
To make a smaller pattern, roll with your
palm and slightly press.

Step 11.
To make the small flower, slice the small






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