Australian Geographic - 09.2019 - 10.2019

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The Kimberley is a vast and rugged coastline shaped by the powerful
forces of nature. Steeped in ancient cultures, it is one of the world’s most
beautiful and remote wilderness areas. Experience diverse wildlife, striking
landscapes, rich history and ancient aboriginal cultures. Our expert guides
and crew will share their unsurpassed knowledge and passion for this
region forged from 24 years of expedition experience in the Kimberley.
Come back after your adventures to your Australian fl agged ship with
expansive public spaces, comfortable staterooms and fresh local cuisine
and Australian wines.


If you are curious about the world around you, and freedom from the
crowds is your idea of luxury, Coral Expeditions may be your cruise line.
Not confi ned by a strict schedule, we are able to listen to the winds and
tides to make impromptu changes and fi nd even more magic in our
destination. Intimate experiences are enabled by our ‘Xplorer’ safari boats,
zodiacs and our renowned expedition team. For 34 years, we have
taken like-minded guests closer to remote cultures and nature, with
personal service and warm Australian hospitality.

10 Nights > Darwin - Broome and vice versa > Departs Apr - Sep 2020

Expedition Log
Nathan Clark | Day 8
Red Cone Creek and Montgomery Reef

A very early start today as we set of at 0700 to
enjoy the sunrise colour palette at Raft Point.
The light was incredible, and many photos were
taken. After breakfast, we were back out in the
Xplorer for a wildlife cruise through Red Cone
Creek on a fl owing tide. Bird watchers thrilled at the
rainbow honeyeaters and we saw mudbanks full of
bright red fi ddler crabs and a rare giant mudskipper.
We then steamed to meet the tides at Montgomery
Reef. Aboard the Xplorer and zodiacs, we sat
amazed as the reef emerged from the ocean.

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