Consumer Reports New Cars – November 2019

(Kiana) #1
Appropriate for year-round
driving in varying climates, with
an emphasis on winter grip.

All-Weather Tire
Dry braking 30
Wet braking 20
Snow traction 40
Ice braking 40
Handling 30
Tread life 40

CrossClimate +

Suited to year-round driving in
varying climates with moderate
winter driving conditions.

Altimax RT43

All-Season Tire
Dry braking 04
Wet braking 03
Snow traction 04
Ice braking 03
Handling 03
Tread life 04

Engineered for temperatures
above 45° F.

Summer Tire
Dry braking 50
Wet braking 30
Snow traction NA
Ice braking NA
Handling 50
Tread life 20

Michelin Pilot
Super Sport

Designed to provide optimum
grip in severe winter conditions with
temperatures below 40° F.

Winter/Snow Tire
Dry braking 02
Wet braking 01
Snow traction 05
Ice braking 05
Handling 02
Tread life NA

Cooper Discoverer
True North



for Car


When buying a car, it’s
important to consider the
tires that come with it—and
their expected performance.

(^) Make sure your new car
comes with the right type of
tire for your needs. For
example, some vehicles sold
in the snow belt may be
equipped with summer tires.
All-season tires may be a
more practical choice. They
will be marked with “M+S,”
which indicates that they
have a tread designed to
handle mud and snow.
For harsh winter weather,
consider tires that have
a mountain and snowflake
symbol on the sidewall,
which means they meet
industry standards for
snow traction.
(^) Owners should investigate
online the cost and difficulty
of replacing tires. (The tire
size is on the sidewall and a
sticker on the doorjamb on
the driver’s side.) Among other
drawbacks, tires on large
wheels with short sidewalls can
be expensive to replace and
give a rougher ride.
(^) Tires in a luxury or sports
package might be higher-
performance tires that are
typically more expensive to
replace and may wear faster.
Make sure you know what
you’re buying, and check if
there’s a less expensive option
you should consider.
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