Consumer Reports New Cars – November 2019

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TODAY’S CAR BUYERSare presented
with a dizzying array of jargon and
acronyms describing options, packaged
features, and dealer-installed acces-
sories to choose from. There is great
temptation to grab them all, but the
costs quickly add up.
Consumer Reports receives questions
all the time from car shoppers asking
what they should be looking for in
today’s models. Frequently, they have
some vague notions about what is
available, but they’re not clear on what’s
worth the added expense.
To help these new-car shoppers
who haven’t checked out the market in
some time, CR’s experts have assem-
bled a list of key features they should
consider getting, including safety
and convenience items. Just as impor-
tant: We have also flagged the
nonessential extras that buyers
can skip.
Safety-related items are ranked in
order of importance by CR’s car-safety
experts. The other features are listed


(^) Automatic
emergency braking:
The system applies
the brakes on its own
to prevent a collision
when it senses a
vehicle in its way, or
to reduce the force of
an impact that can’t
be avoided. Systems
that include pedestrian
detection are some
of the most beneficial.
(^) Forward collision
warning: This gives
drivers a visual and/
or audible warning
that a collision may
be imminent. Some
vehicles may vibrate the
seat or steering wheel
as a warning.
(^) Blind spot warning:
Gives drivers a visual
and/or audible
notification that a
vehicle is alongside the
car in a blind spot.
“These three safety
systems have been
proven to reduce injuries
and crashes,” says
Jennifer Stockburger,
director of operations at
CR’s Auto Test Center
in Connecticut. In fact,
CR believes so strongly
in these systems that
it gives extra credit
to models that come
with them as standard
equipment on all
Automatic high
beams: This system
automatically turns
the high beams
on when there is
no oncoming traffic
or vehicles ahead.
It switches back to
low beams as soon
as traffic appears,
to prevent blinding
other drivers. This
promotes greater use
of high beams, which
makes for safer driving
in low light.
(^) Rear cross traffic
warning: When the
car is in Reverse,
this system notifies
the driver when sen-
sors detect that a
vehicle or an object
is approaching out
of rear-camera
range and could
be moving into the
car’s path.
Keeping Watch
Forward collision
warning is a must-
have safety feature.
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