Mentors Magazine: Issue 3

(MENTORSMagazine) #1

Increasingly, we hear terms like “seller

bots,” “cognitive computing” and “relevant

metadata” (which one can only assume is a

lot more valuable than irrelevant metada-

ta). Such terms can sound pretty scary to

many people who work in an under-

automated environment. Even for those of

us who are tech savvy, the idea that human

beings found a way to steal their own jobs

indicates that it is mankind’s intelligence

that may have been artificial all along.

A reality check shows good news

Despite their typecast use in many sci-fi

plots, bots are simply tools for humans to
use to do a better job and provide socially
intelligent customer service while increas-
ing profits. Bots allow agents to offer per-
sonalized service while their electronically
animated brethren do menial tasks. Pre-
dominantly, research shows that human
beings still value connecting with each oth-
er, preferring it over any other interaction.

That includes the screen-glazed-eyed 19-
year-old Generation Z customer who, de-
spite his professed love of all things auto-
mated, was thrilled to find out that Haley

By Garrison Wynn

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