Mentors Magazine: Issue 3

(MENTORSMagazine) #1

I’ve heard from the latest generation of ge-

niuses about accepting the new truth

about technology. And I certainly under-

stand where they’re coming from because

every generation has said the same thing.

However, there is no such thing as new

truth. The truth can never be invented; it

can only be revealed. So, allow me to pull

back the curtain.

I was corporate leader over call centers in

38 states, back when they became auto-

mated with predictive dialers and comput-

er screens. There was resistance and some

initial job shrinkage and talk of everyone

being replaced by robots (though we envi-

sioned something that resembled Daft

Punk more than Siri). We faced new com-

pliance restrictions, regulatory issues and

other problems. In truth, the technology

made humans better and the industry

started to grow. It turns out that industries

are disrupted when they don’t grow and
change, but if you know the value of your
people you won’t disrupt yourself! We re-
alized that the sci-fi concept of humans be-
ing replaced by the technology they create
was just that—science fiction. According to
many sources (including robotic manufac-
tures) it's believed that robots will actually
add jobs and improve the lives of existing
workers. Since 1990 the number of call
centers and call center employees has in-
creased well over 400%. So, the profitabil-
ity of artificial intelligence is not always a
threat to job security. On the contrary, it
could be proof that your industry is worth
investing in long term because it has a big

So, the next time someone tells you that
the ROI for AI will cost you your JOB, you
can LOL!

Garrison Wynn is a nationally known keynote speaker, author, and
consultant. He is the CEO and founder of Wynn Solutions, special-
izing in how people and organizations can be more influential.

Instagram: @KeynoteSpeakerGarrisonWynn

LinkedIn: @GarrisonWynn

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