Mentors Magazine: Issue 3

(MENTORSMagazine) #1

They were the slackers. They were dazed
and confused. They wore flannel. They lis-
tened to Nirvana and epitomized grunge.
Generation X, born anywhere from 1965 to
1980, has long been viewed with disdain
by cultural critics, dismissed as a “middle
child” generation between the more popu-
lous Baby Boomers and the ubiquitous Mil-
lennials. But in recent years, something
momentous has happened to these kids in
the middle: Gen X has grown up. In fact,
the oldest Gen Xers
are now 54 years
old. Has the gen-
eration that once
worshipped Kurt
Cobain success-
fully transitioned
to adulthood at
long last?

All signs point to yes. And any entrepre-
neurs who expect to thrive in the coming
years must pay attention to the needs,
wants and dreams of this generation,
which is now a major economic force in
our society. Looking at who Gen X is—and
studying how they are influencing and
shaping the world—is a vital task for com-
panies selling a wide range of products and
services. The health of your bottom line
could depend on it.

To a large extent, adulthood is just the next
challenge that Gen X is managing to mas-
ter. And it indubitably has had many hur-
dles to overcome. According to Kip-, the Great Recession impacted
the net worth of Gen X more than other
generations. But the now middle-aged Gen
X is using its ingenuity to come out fine in
the end. Here are some of the strengths of
Gen X in today’s soci-
ety. As more Gen
Xers enter their
50s, these are
some of the ad-
vantages that
will see it
through, keep it
influential as a gen-
eration, and especially make it a prime tar-
get for any business that wants to stay

Gen X is running the office. While organi-
zations are transforming themselves for
the digital era, Gen X is playing a crucial
role. According to the 2018 DDI Global
Leadership Forecast, they fill the majority
of all leadership positions around the
world, and since they possess an average
of two decades of work experience, they
are well prepared to enter the C-suite. Gen

By Dian Griesel

Gen X is using its

ingenuity to come out

fine in the end

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