Mentors Magazine: Issue 3

(MENTORSMagazine) #1

I have the privilege of

knowing some very suc-

cessful interesting people.

One of my friends, Jess,

passed away about 8

years ago, he was 81. One

night at dinner, I asked

him what he thought his

life would be like when he

was 75 (his age that

night). He told me he al-

ways expected great

things to happen. Jess

grew up in the depression.

He told me many days his

family only had rice to eat.

He worked during high

school, college and law

school (he went into real

estate law when he gradu-

ated). He was working his way up the

food chain.

In 1974, he and his wife bought an or-

chard in Napa and planted grapes to

sell to local wine makers. Everything

was going fine until 1981. In 1981,
there were too may grapes and he
couldn’t sell his. He and his wife,
Jane, decided to make their own
wine. They decided to name the wine

By Tom Black

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